august 2022

In August the Book Club will veer off its normal routine by discussing two books instead of one by one of its favorite authors, Kristin Hannah. Winter Garden takes place on a family orchard in Washington State, where two adult sisters try to reconnect with each other and with their Russian mother, who has been distant in more ways than one. The Four Winds is the story of Elsa Wolcott, who marries a man she barely knows in 1921 Texas, a time of abundance. By 1934 drought has devastated the Great Plains, and everything on her farm is dying, including her marriage. Elsa must decide whether to fight for the land she loves or go west to California in search of a better life. Everyone is invited to join us on Mon., Aug. 22, from 7 to 8:30 PM in East Hall for the discussion of these two books. We thank Chris Kedvesh for hosting our July social. The last book that we read, The Book of Lost Friends, earned a rating of 3.9.

The revised schedule for the remainder of the year is listed     below.  Note that two books by Kristin Hannah are scheduled for August, so it is recommended that you take advantage of the July break to read one of them.